How to choose the perfect tennis racquets

How to choose the perfect tennis racquets

For the beginner tennis player, one of the biggest concerns is how to choose a racket that suits you from hundreds of different types of tennis racquets on the market.

The following steps will make the process of selecting a tennis racket 2015 becomes easier, help you eliminate most of the racquet does not fit me, zoning is a relatively small group tennis match, then choose the most appropriate racquet.

How to choose the perfect tennis racquet

How to choose the perfect tennis racquet

Step 1: Define your swings, there are 3 major swings.

Slow swing speed and short-range region: This is a swing of older people with low vision or who can.

The average swing speed and swing moderate range: This is the most swings of amateur tennis players, young and middle-aged, have physical and moderate pace, determined to play tennis just entertainment week.

Faster swing speed, swing wide range: This is a region of Tennis Professional Tennis players or those who play tennis regularly at a high level, the player can force good, high agility.

Step 2: After you determine your swing style, the next step is to select the type of tennis racket with the level of power assist suit your swings. Power Level is divided into 3 main groups of match 3 type in the region.

High Power Level: Those with slower swing speeds and short-range region should use the racket has a high level of synergy. The reason is slow and short-swing type generated very little power when exposed tennis ball: high rackets assistance will support a lot more power for this group of players, and players will not take much effort to put the ball enemy to the field. The downside of high synergy tennis team was able to control the ball very low, the player will lose a lot of control over the ball.

Average Power Level: Type tennis racket is suitable for groups of players with swing speeds and swing moderate range, the player does not need too much assistance from the racket that needs a balance between the ability assistance and the ability to control the ball.

Low Power Level: Type This is consistent with the group tennis players faster swing speed, wide-range region. Faster swing speed and swing wide range creates a lot of power when polished, so players do not need to add more or hypo assistance from the racket. Due to the characteristics of less assistance, rackets creates the ability to control the ball very high, in accordance with professional players or play at a high level

In short tennis bigger booster not lose the strength to hit the ball to the opponent’s ability to control the ball, but the lower, whereas the racket assistance at the physical demands very good to hit the ball but the ball feeling very good. You must be very careful when choosing the level of power assist suit yourself, if you play at a high level but many choose racket assistance will not handle the ball perfectly, putting the ball exactly in the I want to point in the game. However, if you are not fit enough, at play or beginner tennis player but choose less assistance will often hit the ball out, or will be tired very quickly due to frequently use a lot of power to hit the ball.

Here, we classify each firm’s tennis racket in three groups in order to help customers roadblocks group that matches your racket, please refer to the following article:

Step 3: Once you have selected is appropriate for your tennis team, the final step is to consider other important features when choosing a tennis racquet as weight, head size, charge density … to choose racquet is best suited. Below are detailed instructions for each of the racquet features and characteristics that affect how the racquet.

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