How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquet 2016

How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquet 2016

With the amount of tennis racquets on the market, selecting one can be as overwhelming as returning Andy Roddick’s serve. Should you purchase a good ultra-light racquet? Or is the game better suited to the heavier model? And what regarding all those high-tech features producers love to talk about?

It sounds easy: You want to arm yourself with a brand-new racquet that will improve your successful percentage. But sometimes it can hard knowing just where to begin. That’s where this guide will help you.

Power or Control?

Picking out a racquet, the first thing you have to decide is whether you want one which will provide you with power, control, or perhaps a blend of the two.

If you’re the beginner, you should play with the racquet that’s light sufficient so it’s easy to swing as well as powerful enough so it provides giddyup to your game. Our own advice:

How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquet 2016

How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquet 2016

Go with a racket that weighs between nine and 10 ounces, comes with an oversize head measuring a minimum of 100 square inches (which will give you more power as well as improve your chances of making great contact with the ball), and it has a beam width (the thickness of the frame) that is at least 25 millimeters thicker. A “wide” beam the actual frame stiff and therefore stronger.

If you’re an advanced player and may generate your own juice within the court, it’s a different tale. You’re looking for more control, and you may get it with a racquet that is heavier (over 10. five ounces) and has a smaller mind and thinner beam.

If you are an intermediate, try a racket that offers a blend of power as well as control, falling between the weighty, thin-beamed control racquets and also the lighter and bigger energy sticks. “For most amounts of play, you need a racquet it’s not too powerful and yet isn’t very all about control, ” states Bruce Levine, TENNIS Magazine’s racquet advisor, “because energy won’t mean a thing if you fail to keep the ball in the courtroom, and all the control on the planet does you no good if you fail to get enough gas on the shots. “

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Pre-Strung or even Premium?

When shopping for a racket, you also have to decide whether you need a pre-strung model or a high quality, or “performance, ” framework. Pre-strung racquets cost through $25 to around $100. The majority of premium frames are costed between $100 and $250 and feature the latest technology. Along with premium racquets, you usually neet to purchase string separately and have this installed in the frame.

And when you’re buying for a kid who’s just getting into the overall game, check out junior racquets, that are pre-strung and sold in managed to graduate lengths (21, 23, twenty five, and 26 inches). The majority of junior racquets cost below $50.

Traditional Length or even Extra Long?

It was not too many years ago that every racket was 27 inches lengthy. Now, adult racquets are available in lengths up to 28 ins (extra long). Everything else becoming equal, extra-long frames tend to be more powerful than 27-inch versions because the contact point is actually farther away from your body, leading to greater momentum on your golf swing and more pop on your photos. The downside is that an extra-long racquet may not be as maneuverable as a 27-inch frame.

Mind Heavy or Head Lighting?

A racquet’s balance will either be head heavy, head lighting, or even. To check a frame’s balance, measure it lengthwise and balance it in its exact center. If the mind dips down, the racket is head heavy. When the handle dips down, it can head light.

Head-heavy racquets give you more power upon ground strokes but are much less maneuverable, which can be a problem for all those at the net. Players who choose to rally from the primary tend to prefer head-heavy structures.

Head-light racquets are easier to move at net, but they will not deliver the power of head-heavy structures when you hit from the primary. Serve-and-volleyers, all-court players, as well as advanced players who get full swings generally such as head-light racquets.

Evenly well balanced frames offer a blend of energy from the baseline and performance at the net. They usually attract all-court players.

Open or even Dense String Pattern?

An additional area to consider is the design of the strings. An open thread pattern has bigger areas between the strings and will assist when you want to add spin since the strings will “bite” in to the ball more deeply. For example , the greater topspin you add to your photos, the harder you can strike the ball and still retain it in the court. An open design, for instance, could have 16 primary and 20 cross guitar strings.

A dense string pattern-for example, 18 mains as well as 20 crosses-will give you additional control in directing your own shots. To generate more topspin, though, you’ll need to brush up on your ball more severely.

What is The Grip Size?

The popular means for finding your tennis racket grip size is to follow these types of simple instruction.

On your actively playing hand, your palm offers three main creases. Keep your hand flat, with the fingertips alongside one another.

Measure through the middle crease of your hand, up the line between your center and ring fingers, to some point equal to the height from the tip of your ring hand. Typically women will calculate between 4 1/8″ as well as 4 3/8″, men among 4 3/8″ and 3″.

Juniors will usually measure under 4″. Most Junior structures are only offered in this dimension.

If you are between sizes, opt for the smaller grip. A slightly little grip can be built up very easily with an overwrap. Too large the grip can not be properly modified without altering the structures properties. Overgrips can’t create a grip effectively more than 1/8″ though, because each coating of overwrap adds to the surrounding off of the bevel edges on the handle.

What String Should i Choose?

What gauge associated with string should I get?

Gauge appertains to the thickness of the tennis thread. Most strings on the market tend to be between 15 gauge (the thickest) and 18 measure (the thinnest). The slimmer the string, the better it is going to play-you’ll get more “feel” as well as control because the string attacks into the ball. The downside: Slim strings break more quickly. The best choice is to start with a 17-gauge string; if it snaps within 10 hours or much less, go to a 16-gauge. But if this lasts for over 25 hrs, consider switching to an 18-gauge.

What string should I purchase?

With literally hundreds of various strings on the market, it can be mind-boggling trying to find the one that best matches your game. But if you take the time to be aware of main categories of string and your priorities are, you will have an easier time narrowing straight down the possibilities. There are five types of string:

Nylon Solid Primary: This is the most basic (and minimum expensive) type of string, having a solid core and one or maybe more outer wraps. These guitar strings are fairly durable as well as hold tension well, however they aren’t the most comfortable simply because they’re relatively stiff and do not cushion much of the ball’s effect. Companies typically call their own nylon solid core guitar strings “synthetic gut. ” The best choices in this category consist of Wilson Extreme Synthetic Stomach, Gamma Synthetic Gut, as well as Prince Synthetic Gut Initial.

Nylon/Polyurethane multifilaments: These are the very best shelf of synthetic guitar strings. Multifilaments are composed of 100s, often thousands, of person fibers that are woven with each other to create a uniform piece of thread. With multifilaments, you’ll get outstanding feel, and, because they perform a good job of absorbing surprise, a comfortable sensation. Multifilaments generally run from $15 in order to $30; when you factor in the actual labor, it’s a pricey however worthwhile proposition, especially for much better players who like to feel the golf ball. Our favorites are Pat NXT Tour, Technifibre X-One Biphase, and Gamma Reside Wire Professional.

Natural Stomach: Still the gold regular, natural gut-which is made of cow intestine-pockets the ball deeper across a smaller area, with regard to control, but also allows a lot of ball’s energy to be came back to the ball, for appear. And you won’t find a much more comfortable string, so if you have equip problems, natural gut is actually, well, the natural option. Gut is the most expensive, it’s not durable (players who strike a heavy ball have been proven to break a string within a couple hours), and though businesses now use protective coatings, the actual string is still the most vunerable to losing tension when it’s subjected to moisture. Babolat, which generates 90 percent of the organic gut on the market, has many kinds of gut; we like the Babolat VS Touch.

Polyester: These types of strings are popular among superior players who find that poly takes a little power away their shots, enabling these to swing harder and still maintain the ball in play. Polyester material is also ideal for those who often break strings but who else don’t want to use a rigid, uncomfortable Kevlar hybrid. Polyester’s biggest weakness is that it manages to lose tension quickly, though the most recent generation, of which the Babolat Hurricane, Head FXP Trip, and Wilson Enduro tend to be among the best, does a better work of maintaining its pressure thanks to recent advances within the manufacturing process.

Hybrids: The actual combination of one type of thread for the mains and an additional for the crosses is called the hybrid. This is done for sturdiness. Frequent string-breakers should go having a stiff aramid fiber such as Kevlar for the mains (the strings that usually break first) and a softer synthetic for your crosses. Hybrids last long however can produce a boardy feel. A couple of the most popular prepackaged aramid mixed sets are Gamma Infinitude, infiniteness and Prince ProBlend. A few newer hybrids offer a polyester/synthetic gut (or natural gut) combination for a more satisfying feel than Kevlar-based mixed-style models. Wilson Ultimate Duo, Pat Champions Choice, and Pacific cycles PolyGut ATP Blend tend to be 3 great options.

What Pressure Should I Select?

At exactly what tension should I have the racquet strung?

We have supplied the Manufacturer’s recommended pressure range, measured in lbs; 55 to 65 lbs is a common range. The higher finish will provide more control. The low end will provide more energy. Remember, increasing power decreases control and increasing manage reduces power. We recommend find your ideal pressure, string your racquet in the center of your frame’s suggested variety. After you play a few times, you’ll certainly be faced with one of three situations:

You have the ideal amount of manage and power. If this is the situation, you’ve found the right pressure..

You didn’t get sufficient control. Increase your racquet’s thread tension by 2 lbs. You’ll lose some level on your shots, but you will gain control.

You did not get enough power. Thread your racquet at a somewhat lower tension. Remember, although, that if you lower the tension a lot of, the strings will become trampoline-like and you’ll have significantly less manage.

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Buying tennis racquet 2016

Buying tennis racquet 2016

Everyone knows that buying items on the internet can sometimes be a difficult task to not talk of buying tennis racquets which are very dear to some dedicated player’s heart. But the problem is not finding the greatest place to buy online but really finding which one fits your own demands without actually obtaining a feel of them first.

You should choose best tennis racquet in 2016 in this website, I see this website so good and quality.

Buying tennis racquet 2016

Buying tennis racquet 2016

The reason being there are numerous designs and versions out there to a point that every one of them has different weight load, head sizes, balance, as well as length. With that said, everyone who is ever played the game as well as owned a racquet can confirm that buying the right racket will help you improve your game as well as establish yourself as a great player. Hence, read forward and find out a few things you have to keep in mind when looking to buy rugby racquets online.

Things to Consider Picking out Tennis Racquets Online:

The actual followings are things you must always remember when buying tennis racquets online:

Find Sellers On the web and Note Payment Options — To buy anything online, you need to find a reliable seller after which decide how you’re going to make repayments. A good way to find a good seller is actually via Google or some other search engines. Once you have, it’s time for you to note their payment choices. Most online stores these days usually credit cards. So , ask yourself: have you got a credit card? If you do, then you are good to get started looking. Or else, you may want to ask someone you know to permit you use their credit card. Yet another way is to look to see if the vendor has a ‘direct bank deposit’ option. This will allow you move money directly to their accounts from yours.

Now that you have sorted your payment choices, it’s time to get into the actual tennis racquet buying element of things. So , here are some from the things you should consider or keep an eye out for:

Skill Level – what is their skill level as a player? Could you consider yourself a pro, a good intermediate player, or total beginner? This will allow you decide what you need as most racquets are designed with a specific playing level in mind. Like if you’re a pro, you may find the beginner’s racquet to lighting and vice versa. So , select carefully.

Racquet’s Weight — Perhaps you already know that the weight of the racquet matters a lot. If you’re the beginner or have a tiny framework, you probably should be looking for lightweight tennis racquets; say about 10 to 11. five (i. e. 2 . eight to 3. 5kg) in bodyweight, then move into heavier types as time goes on.

Head size as well as Length – If you’re a good intermediate player, then when looking to purchase tennis racquets online, you would probably be looking at racquets along with midsize (85-95 sq . within. ) and mid-plus (95-105 sq . in. ) mind sizes because oversize racquets are mostly for beginners to help them produce a powerful swing. On the other hand, the actual longer a tennis racket, the more power players need to hit the ball. So that as expected, adult racquets tend to be longer so look out for that as well when buying tennis racquets on the internet.

Other factors you’d consider when you wish to buy tennis racquets on the internet are: frame flexibility, thread tension length, balance (or manoeuvrability), grip size, and many importantly, price. Also, you might want to find reviews from retailers and current users after which compare features and prices.

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Top Rated Tennis Racquet 2015 and 2016

Top Rated Tennis Racquet 2015 and 2016

Unleash your own personal inner Federer with our selections of the best racquets around

Playing golf is once again about to occupy both Paris and Wimbledon, pitting the world’s top rated hitters against each other. Seeing tennis on TV always makes us all want to pick up a racket, hit the court along with spend all afternoon wanting to mimic Roger Federer’s fantastic one-handed backhand.

tennis racquet for tennis elbow

But , prior to step out you’ll have to pick up the top kit. We’ve tested out and about some of the finest racquets on the market today, from the biggest names, and all sorts of the best ones are on the following pages. Whether you aren’t a baseline hitter, hard hardware or pacy net person, we’ve got something for you.

Regarding you choice: Prince Textreme selection

Can a tennis racket make you a better player? Effectively, probably not. But it can definitely make any difference. Prince is hoping digging in some clever tech for you to its latest range will be better your game, so we dusted off of our court shoes, loaded a bottle with Robinson’s squash and hit typically the courts to test them out and about.

What sets these brand-new racquets out from crowd could be the addition of Textreme from the shaft – it’s likely to keep the weight down, still add strength. The carbon-fibre material has been used in F1 cars, racing bikes etc ., but this is the first time is considered been utilised in a playing golf racquet. It seems to work way too, the racquets are properly weighted and feel wonderful in the hand. We don’t suddenly begin hitting backhands like Federer and offering as fast as A-rod though, sadly. Looks like most of us be watching Wimbledon from the lounge again.

There are four racquets in the new line rapid the light Tour 100, the huge headed Tour 95, typically the Warrior 107 and each of our personal favourite, the Enthusiast 107T. Depending on your style involving play, whether you are a heavy standard hitter or a speedy net-player, it seems like Prince has you coated. We found the 107T to have the perfect mix of every little thing – it was light plenty of, but we could still placed plenty of power into each of our shots. Each version has also a revamped ‘butt’ rapid or the bottom bit of typically the racquet, which can be removed permitting you to slip in one of Sony’s clever shot tracking Clever Tennis Sensors.

Best for self-improvement: Babolat Play

If you nice your own coach but cannot afford one, Babolat have become and put one in their most current racquet. Motion sensors find how hard you hit, precisely how close to the sweet spot you will be and what shots you should work towards. Charged by micro HARDWARE ad storing up to one humdred and fifty hours of data, it syncs via Bluetooth to an Android mobile phone or iOS app to match stats with local only ones best and pros like Wci??.

Best for Spin: Wilson Expert Staff 100LS

Spin is amongst the hardest aspects of tennis to get down, but this racquet via Wilson should make issues a lot easier. With Spin Influence Technology, the ball receives spin even if you’ve not quite mastered the technique, plus the 16×15 string pattern is fantastic for a strong thwack every time. Furthermore, the frame is also excellent light, made from a combination of braided graphite and kevlar. On this in your bag, you’ll be typically the envy of the clubhouse.

Regarding you Speed: Head Graphene Rate Pro 18/20

Djokovic’s racket of choice is up next, plus it boasts a frame integrating Graphene, a metal with a smashing strength 200 times over steel. It’s pretty much indesctructable, and super light way too, meaning you’ll be running around individuals balls quicker than you know “ace”. The majority of the frame’s fat is also in the grip, and so you’re always in control. Ignore taming your sporty out and out aggression – unleash it on this beast.

Best for Comfort: Dictator Premier 105

Prince have become all-out on their latest type to make your life that little easier when dominating typically the court. With a sweet location more than 1 . 5 times how big is Prince’s last effort, typically the Premier is also equipped with Two times Bridge technology, the only one on the globe that reduces vibration inside your strings and structure. Those epic matches instantly don’t seem so daunting.

Regarding you all-rounders: Dunlop Biomimetic 4000 Tour

Dunlop have made their very own name with solid, reputable racquest, and the Biomimetic isn’t any different. It’s pumped rich in technology, from the Cx technique which makes the head more aerophysical, to the Anatomic construction on the grip, providing enhanced stableness and control. Specially made action-friction grommets reduce the chaffing between strings and the structure, so you can go longer and reach harder without fear of your own personal racquet giving up before you do.

Regarding you fast learners: Yonex VCore Tour G

Yonex get broken the rules of playing golf with the VCore, by making typically the frame distinctly oval compared to the traditionally rounder shape. They have already also injected their racket with high density foam, soaking up more vibrations than ever before, which results in an effortless swing. On top of everything that, its spin and electrical power capacity is second to non-e, and so you’ll be Murry-level in no time. Almost certainly.

Hope with this post you will find the best tennis racquet 2015 and 2016 for yourself

Choose best tennis racquet for beginners

New to Tennis? A Brief Racquet Primer for Beginners

Tennis is a fun, healthy way to exercise and compete—but not without the right racquet.

Just starting out? Don’t know which is right and what is wrong? No worries. If you’re a beginner, this buyer’s guide is for you. It will help you choose a suitable racquet out of the thousands on the market today, so that you can make the most out of your on-court potential.

When shopping for your first racquet, bear in mind the following criteria: the racquet’s materials and pricing, head size, weight, balance, length, and grip size. Let’s get down into the details.

Best tennis racquet choosing tips

Best tennis racquet choosing tips

  1. Materials & Pricing

Racquets today can be broadly (and somewhat crudely) divided into two categories: Frames made primarily out of aluminum, and frames made primarily out of graphite.

Aluminum frames are usually sold pre-strung (i.e., with strings). They’re a great choice if you’re unsure you want to commit to playing long-term, or you just want to whack a few balls around with friends. What’s more, they’re affordable, only about $30 in sporting goods stores.

But if you are looking to commit to the game—and plan to join a team and/or take lessons—go ahead and buy a racquet made out of graphite. A graphite frame’s light weight and rigid construction make it much more powerful and accurate. And, if you take care of it, it should last you for multiple years.

The prices of graphite frames range greatly, from about $60 to upwards of $300. If you’re on a budget, a great way to get value for your money is to go online or to your local pro shop and look for sales on older, discontinued models. Sometimes you can find an extremely nice racquet that’s only a few years old for less than $100.

  1. Head Size

Another consideration is a racquet’s head size, or the size of the area where the strings are. Head size is by and large provided in square inches. The smaller the head, the more maneuverable and control-oriented the racquet will be; the bigger the head, the more margin for error and power a racquet will have. Most beginners should use a racquet with a head size between 100 and 115 sq. in.—on the smaller end of the spectrum if you’re coordinated and/or looking to develop long, fluid swings through practice and lessons.

  1. Weight

A third thing to keep in mind is the racquet’s weight, usually given in ounces. Generally speaking, a light racquet will be more maneuverable; a heavy racquet will be more stable. Beginners should choose a racquet that weighs somewhere between 9.5 and 11 ounces—on the heavier end if you’re strong or relatively athletic.

  1. Balance

A further consideration is balance, which tells whether a racquet has more of its weight distributed toward the tip (head heavy) or toward the handle (head light). A racquet’s balance is usually measured in a unit called “points,” and can make a big difference in how heavy a racquet feels when swung. If you take two racquets, for example, one with a head-heavy balance and another with a head-light balance, both of which weigh exactly the same: the head-heavy racquet will feel noticeably heavier to swing.

To a certain extent, balance is a matter of personal preference; some people, usually more advanced players, like head-light racquets, while others prefer head-heavy ones. If you’re just starting out, choose a racquet that has a balance somewhere between 5 pts. headlight and 5 pts. headheavy—and, most of all, feels comfortable to swing.

  1. Length

Finally, make sure you buy a racquet with the right length, which is measured from the cap of its handle to the top of its head. Longer racquets, the theory goes, give you more leverage on serves and greater reach on volleys; shorter racquets are more maneuverable. Until you’ve played long enough to know what your strengths and weaknesses are—and what you need from your racquet—it’s best to play with a racquet with a standard length, or 27 inches.

  1. Grip Size

Lastly, pay attention to grip size, or how big the racquet’s handle is. (It will be listed on the butt of the handle.) Most women use a grip size between 4 1/8” and 4 3/8”, while most men use a size between 4 3/8” and 4 5/8”. Choose a grip size that feels comfortable in your hand—or ask a knowledgeable tennis professional, at a club or pro shop, if you’re unsure of your size. If you’re in between two grip sizes, buy the racquet with the smaller size; a grip can easily be built up (about 1/16th inch) by adding an overgrip.

To Sum It Up

—Materials: If you’re unsure of your commitment, buy an aluminum racquet. If you’re looking to start playing competitively, buy a graphite racquet.

—Head Size: Choose a racquet between 100 sq. in. and 115 sq. in.

—Weight: Pick a racquet that weighs between 9.5 oz. and 11 oz.

—Balance: Choose a racquet with a balance between 5 pts. headlight and 5 pts. headheavy.

—Length: Pick a 27 in., standard length racquet.

—Grip Size: Choose a grip that feels comfortable in your hand.

—When in doubt, speak with a tennis professional or certified racquet technician.

Choose the best tennis racket with age

Choose the best tennis racket with age

When choosing a tennis racket, in addition to the brand, quality, price, consumers should note rackets suitable age and use.

Suitable for all ages, quite safe, tennis are gaining the attention of many people. Market tennis racket so varied. The well-known brands such as Wilson, Head, Babolat, Yonex … have many models with different features, suitable for each subject and age. Price no differences according to the type which mainly differ depending brands, ranging from $ 50- $ 200.

Choose the best tennis racket with age

Choose the best tennis racket with age

Rackets assistance for women and older people

Most female office workers and older people are choosing the type of tennis has aided designed distribution for the top heavy weight, rolling slightly to create the torque force and centrifugal force. When polished by this kind of racket, users will be supported far more power to easily put the ball into the opponent field. Rackets assistance from lightweight 225 – 270gr, large head size from 105 square inches or more, said wire density, the frame to create a large ball contact area, easy to control while moving racket but weak point is difficult to control the ball. Each brand has its own line of assistance as Wilson racquet is the index of 1-3 racquets as K One, Three K, N1- N3; Head racket is the index from S10 – S4 as Metalix4 S4, S6 Nano; Prince of Tennis is the index of 1600 – 1200 as O3 Silver, O3 Blue … For the novice player before deciding to buy the racket should seek the advice of the sales staff and loan racket to … play try, if you have pain in the hand joints, which are not suitable racket.

Rackets balance for youth

For the young, middle-aged moderate physical, play tennis with recreational purposes should choose the racket with little assistance. This racket balance between power and ability to support the ability to control the ball with a weight of 270 – 310gr, the average frame. Most racquets sold on the market today are built or bundled wires when purchasing, quality wire depends on the quality of the racket, manufacturers use fine wire for expensive rackets and vice versa. The racquet has a certain tension around. Wire as easy as tension control racket, the more slack wire, polished stronger. So if you want a balance between power and control capability, adjustable wire racket increase or decrease 1-2kg. The midrange line as Aero Strike Tennis, Driver of Babolat, Evo 3, 265 Dunlop Tempo … are very much interested customers.

Professional tennis

Professional players or players often have a wide range of swing, power generated in the blow should not need to use booster racket. A racquet that weighs heavy on 310gr, small size racquet head from 90-98 square inch, the slim frame is most appropriate. When choosing rackets, racket length depends on the length of the arm, but usually the standard length is 27 inches. The racquet length increases as 27.5 inches; 28.5 inches; 29 inch polished stronger with the added level with the beat. For this type of tennis players need to choose carefully, brands like Yonex, Dunlop, Babolat … price from $ 150- $ 200 is preferred. In 2015, there are lots of best tennis racquets.

Some other tips to choose tennis racquet

Some other tips to choose tennis racquet

How to choose a tennis racket: When playing tennis outside factors related to technical factors also an equally important is the racquet you use Thu Sports will help you choose a tennis racket that best suits you.

Some other tips to choose tennis racquet

Some other tips to choose tennis racquet

The rackets: There are 03 kinds of major racket.

  1. Tennis booster (power comfort)
  2. Rackets selling booster (power spin)
  3. Tennis ball or professional control (control spin)

    Tell me more about each type of racket:

  1. Tennis assistance (Power Comfort)
  2. Characteristics:

- Support multiple power

- The big racket (110-> 118 inches)

- Weightless (223-> 264g)

- racket length (25-> 27.50 inches)

- head heavy enough to hold the weight of the polished (on the strings)

  1. To use:

- The men, aged between 45-> 60 and for women of all ages. Those with slower swing shots and shorter, and for those who want to feel comfortable and optimal power and is a great choice for beginners.

  1. Tennis sale assistance (Power Spin)
  2. Characteristics:

- Assistant less power (average power assist)

- The average player (100-> 105 inches)

- Weight (255-> 279g)

- The balance of the frame ranges from equal to slightly heavier racquet head.

- Length racket (27-> 27.5 inches)

  1. To use:

- Contract with qualified persons or playing pretty good, who want to control the ball more, adding the ability to spinning.

  1. Professional Tennis ball control (Control Spin).
  2. Characteristics:

- No assistance

- The racket small (90-> 100 inches)

- Heavy Weight (279-> 339g)

- racket length (27 inches)

- head light to maintain control.

  1. To use:

- type this racket is often used by professional tennis players, tennis players playing level standards and accuracy, with the senior players, who must use their own resources to polish (for Tennis no power assist) and want to have a high level of control over the ball.

How to choose the perfect tennis racquets

How to choose the perfect tennis racquets

For the beginner tennis player, one of the biggest concerns is how to choose a racket that suits you from hundreds of different types of tennis racquets on the market.

The following steps will make the process of selecting a tennis racket 2015 becomes easier, help you eliminate most of the racquet does not fit me, zoning is a relatively small group tennis match, then choose the most appropriate racquet.

How to choose the perfect tennis racquet

How to choose the perfect tennis racquet

Step 1: Define your swings, there are 3 major swings.

Slow swing speed and short-range region: This is a swing of older people with low vision or who can.

The average swing speed and swing moderate range: This is the most swings of amateur tennis players, young and middle-aged, have physical and moderate pace, determined to play tennis just entertainment week.

Faster swing speed, swing wide range: This is a region of Tennis Professional Tennis players or those who play tennis regularly at a high level, the player can force good, high agility.

Step 2: After you determine your swing style, the next step is to select the type of tennis racket with the level of power assist suit your swings. Power Level is divided into 3 main groups of match 3 type in the region.

High Power Level: Those with slower swing speeds and short-range region should use the racket has a high level of synergy. The reason is slow and short-swing type generated very little power when exposed tennis ball: high rackets assistance will support a lot more power for this group of players, and players will not take much effort to put the ball enemy to the field. The downside of high synergy tennis team was able to control the ball very low, the player will lose a lot of control over the ball.

Average Power Level: Type tennis racket is suitable for groups of players with swing speeds and swing moderate range, the player does not need too much assistance from the racket that needs a balance between the ability assistance and the ability to control the ball.

Low Power Level: Type This is consistent with the group tennis players faster swing speed, wide-range region. Faster swing speed and swing wide range creates a lot of power when polished, so players do not need to add more or hypo assistance from the racket. Due to the characteristics of less assistance, rackets creates the ability to control the ball very high, in accordance with professional players or play at a high level

In short tennis bigger booster not lose the strength to hit the ball to the opponent’s ability to control the ball, but the lower, whereas the racket assistance at the physical demands very good to hit the ball but the ball feeling very good. You must be very careful when choosing the level of power assist suit yourself, if you play at a high level but many choose racket assistance will not handle the ball perfectly, putting the ball exactly in the I want to point in the game. However, if you are not fit enough, at play or beginner tennis player but choose less assistance will often hit the ball out, or will be tired very quickly due to frequently use a lot of power to hit the ball.

Here, we classify each firm’s tennis racket in three groups in order to help customers roadblocks group that matches your racket, please refer to the following article:

Step 3: Once you have selected is appropriate for your tennis team, the final step is to consider other important features when choosing a tennis racquet as weight, head size, charge density … to choose racquet is best suited. Below are detailed instructions for each of the racquet features and characteristics that affect how the racquet.

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Playing tennis is a healthy sport, player can benefit a lot from playing tennis, but before you start to play tennis, you should prepare your tennis equipment well.  The main equipment is tennis racket.  To choose a right tennis racket plays a vital role in your later playing. You know, if you choose a tennis racket that doesn’t suits for you, you will have problem in playing well.



Choosing a right tennis racket not only means you should buy one that is right, you should take many facts into consideration, such as your size, strength, style, and a number of other factors.  It is important that you choose the right size racket or you may end your with an uncomfortable racquet as well as hurt your game.  You should first decide how big of your tennis racket head is suit for you. Frame sizes range from 60 square inch wooden frames to 145 square inches in some oversized frames, although official tournaments limit the legal size to 135 square inches for playing.  Then you depend on your own condition to decide which one is suitable for you.

When deciding on the size of tennis racket head size, you also should take some factors into consideration. The stringing surface located toward the center of the head is one you should pay high attention to.  As you know, if you hit the ball on the center of the head, then the power is the most, so you should make sure that the center of the racket head is of high quality and can guarantee you have a powerful hit.

Most professionals that you choose a racquet with a smaller head size have a fast swing speed, a lot of strength, and can consistently hit the ball on the sweet spot. So if you think you do have a good ability, you can choose yourself a tennis racket of small head size.


Tennis is a Wonderful Sport and how to avoid the injury

Tennis is a Wonderful Sport and how to avoid the injury

About 25 million Americans play the game of tennis recreationally every year. We bought all together about 4.5 million racquets last year. Youth racquets sale rose a whopping 80% to 1.3 million racquets since 2003. It is without a doubt that this unique sport is growing more popular than before! Through this website, we hope to further spread the joy this spectacular sport to everyone. Here, you’ll find all things related to tennis. We will continue to update regularly. Enjoy!

Tennis racquet for tennis elbow

Why should you play tennis?

Beside the fact that tennis is considerably one of the most entertaining sports ever invented, the game of tennis also helps you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Sure you have choices of other sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and so many more, however, only tennis can offer you the perfect balance of arms and legs exercise. Simply put, tennis causes you to use as much energy on your arms as your legs. Not to mention that tennis will make on of your arms bigger than the other. What other sports can you think of that offer such perfect arms to limbs exercise? There is badminton, but hitting a shuttle cock with a miniature racquet hardly constitutes as an exercise. Moreover, you simply look too glorious playing tennis.

We are constantly improving the features as well as the contents of Wilson Racquet. We only have one motive for creating this website and that is to help any tennis players and prospects to have a better understanding of this game. The makers of this website are all active tennis players and the owner of this website has been playing tennis since he was a kid. Our ultimate goal is to create the biggest online tennis community. We hope this will soon be the place for you to come with all of your tennis concerns. Thank you and we apologize if our website lacks anything that you are looking for. We are updating every day.

How to prevent injury when playing tennis

Doctor give specific advice in preventing injury as follows:

- When playing tennis right to choose, fit the size of the handle, the tension of the mesh under the guidance of experts in tennis;

- Choose shoes and socks specifically for tennis – select suitable shoes will avoid the risk of ankle sprains flip. Without special stockings, can take two socks to enhance the ankle;

- Note pitch – try to avoid playing on the pitch too hard, inelastic, such as cement, asphalt. To prevent the lumbar spine injury when playing on hard courts, use a very soft shoe pads to reduce shock to the spine;

- Do not play in the rain, or when the body is not healthy, because very easily lead to injury

In addition, be aware of the other factors such as:

- Warm up and start well before you play, because if the muscles in the cold state that it is very easy to play even injured. Spend 3-5 minutes to heat, such as turn-spot jump, run around the yard, perform stretching exercises tendons until sweating;

- Keep the handle dry (dry grip regularly, or rubbing powder to help prevent blistering hand);

- At the owl flew and hit the ball, the player should not twisting overkill, but should rigor knees, toes to help balance the body. On the other hand, right arm slightly bent, if flew in straight posture stiffened hands and wrists will make incremental force trauma to the neck and elbows;

- During the breaking ball to bend slightly bent arms and elbows, biceps tendon and shoulder joint force will split evenly, avoiding elbow injury;

- When the ball hits the ground bounce support should not create excessive force swirl batter;

- In some strong shots accomplished by rotating the shoulder screw, then swing your arms, do not put your thumb along the grip to gravity, will cause sprained thumb.

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Best Wilson Impact Tennis Racquet

Best Wilson Impact Tennis Racquet

Best wilson tennis racquet

Best wilson tennis racquet

If you are an adult looking to break into tennis, it can be pretty frustrating to find a racket made for you. Most of the rackets for this niche are designed for players that are already experienced, and the rackets that are made for beginners are typically sized for junior players. Entry level rackets that are high quality are hard to come by and we were very happy to come across this one from Wilson.

There’s a reason that this is the number one selling entry level racket for adults in the United States. It’s one of the best we have actually used and it’s weighted perfectly for beginners. If you have not been using a racket that was designed for this purpose, it’s all too easy to get frustrated and quit your lessons, especially if the head of the racket is too small. It is so much easier to go with a racket that is designed to make it simple to get started, and Wilson has done a great job of appealing to this market.

We found that the tennis racquet was very well made and the balance was superb. It’s lightweight without feeling flimsy and unlike many low priced rackets, it was strung very tightly and very well. You won’t have to worry about dealing with a lousy racket if you can’t afford a nicer one since the Impact is budget priced, without being made of “budget” material.

We loved the fact that the frame was made of titanium alloy, since this can be a big factor when it comes to learning the “feel” of a racket. It’s just about right in terms of what you feel when you connect and the grip made it very easy to hold. Overall, even though we are not beginners, we found this racket to be ideal for any casual adult player, and it’s price point makes it very attractive to those that don’t play enough to justify an expensive one.

Specifications from the Manufacturer

* Frame: titanium alloy

* Strung weight: 10.7 oz

* Head size: 110 sq in

* Length: 27.5″

* Stringing: factory

* String pattern: 16 x 19

* Tension range: 50-60 lbs

* Grip: 4.25″

* Stiffness: 53

* Balance: head heavy 1 cm

We highly recommend this racket to beginners and feel that it will give them the support and functionality they need to get a good start in the game. Whether you play occasionally, or you are interested in getting serious about the game, this entry level racket from Wilson is the ideal choice. The tension range is just about perfect and the head size gives you plenty of room for error while still allowing you to connect solidly with the ball. One of our favorite all time rackets and that is not something that we say easily. It’s cheap enough you can easily buy one just to try it out and we recommend doing just that so you can see how it will affect your own game.

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