Best Wilson Impact Tennis Racquet

Best Wilson Impact Tennis Racquet

Best wilson tennis racquet

Best wilson tennis racquet

If you are an adult looking to break into tennis, it can be pretty frustrating to find a racket made for you. Most of the rackets for this niche are designed for players that are already experienced, and the rackets that are made for beginners are typically sized for junior players. Entry level rackets that are high quality are hard to come by and we were very happy to come across this one from Wilson.

There’s a reason that this is the number one selling entry level racket for adults in the United States. It’s one of the best we have actually used and it’s weighted perfectly for beginners. If you have not been using a racket that was designed for this purpose, it’s all too easy to get frustrated and quit your lessons, especially if the head of the racket is too small. It is so much easier to go with a racket that is designed to make it simple to get started, and Wilson has done a great job of appealing to this market.

We found that the tennis racquet was very well made and the balance was superb. It’s lightweight without feeling flimsy and unlike many low priced rackets, it was strung very tightly and very well. You won’t have to worry about dealing with a lousy racket if you can’t afford a nicer one since the Impact is budget priced, without being made of “budget” material.

We loved the fact that the frame was made of titanium alloy, since this can be a big factor when it comes to learning the “feel” of a racket. It’s just about right in terms of what you feel when you connect and the grip made it very easy to hold. Overall, even though we are not beginners, we found this racket to be ideal for any casual adult player, and it’s price point makes it very attractive to those that don’t play enough to justify an expensive one.

Specifications from the Manufacturer

* Frame: titanium alloy

* Strung weight: 10.7 oz

* Head size: 110 sq in

* Length: 27.5″

* Stringing: factory

* String pattern: 16 x 19

* Tension range: 50-60 lbs

* Grip: 4.25″

* Stiffness: 53

* Balance: head heavy 1 cm

We highly recommend this racket to beginners and feel that it will give them the support and functionality they need to get a good start in the game. Whether you play occasionally, or you are interested in getting serious about the game, this entry level racket from Wilson is the ideal choice. The tension range is just about perfect and the head size gives you plenty of room for error while still allowing you to connect solidly with the ball. One of our favorite all time rackets and that is not something that we say easily. It’s cheap enough you can easily buy one just to try it out and we recommend doing just that so you can see how it will affect your own game.

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