Playing tennis is a healthy sport, player can benefit a lot from playing tennis, but before you start to play tennis, you should prepare your tennis equipment well.  The main equipment is tennis racket.  To choose a right tennis racket plays a vital role in your later playing. You know, if you choose a tennis racket that doesn’t suits for you, you will have problem in playing well.



Choosing a right tennis racket not only means you should buy one that is right, you should take many facts into consideration, such as your size, strength, style, and a number of other factors.  It is important that you choose the right size racket or you may end your with an uncomfortable racquet as well as hurt your game.  You should first decide how big of your tennis racket head is suit for you. Frame sizes range from 60 square inch wooden frames to 145 square inches in some oversized frames, although official tournaments limit the legal size to 135 square inches for playing.  Then you depend on your own condition to decide which one is suitable for you.

When deciding on the size of tennis racket head size, you also should take some factors into consideration. The stringing surface located toward the center of the head is one you should pay high attention to.  As you know, if you hit the ball on the center of the head, then the power is the most, so you should make sure that the center of the racket head is of high quality and can guarantee you have a powerful hit.

Most professionals that you choose a racquet with a smaller head size have a fast swing speed, a lot of strength, and can consistently hit the ball on the sweet spot. So if you think you do have a good ability, you can choose yourself a tennis racket of small head size.


Tennis is a Wonderful Sport and how to avoid the injury

Tennis is a Wonderful Sport and how to avoid the injury

About 25 million Americans play the game of tennis recreationally every year. We bought all together about 4.5 million racquets last year. Youth racquets sale rose a whopping 80% to 1.3 million racquets since 2003. It is without a doubt that this unique sport is growing more popular than before! Through this website, we hope to further spread the joy this spectacular sport to everyone. Here, you’ll find all things related to tennis. We will continue to update regularly. Enjoy!

Tennis racquet for tennis elbow

Why should you play tennis?

Beside the fact that tennis is considerably one of the most entertaining sports ever invented, the game of tennis also helps you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Sure you have choices of other sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and so many more, however, only tennis can offer you the perfect balance of arms and legs exercise. Simply put, tennis causes you to use as much energy on your arms as your legs. Not to mention that tennis will make on of your arms bigger than the other. What other sports can you think of that offer such perfect arms to limbs exercise? There is badminton, but hitting a shuttle cock with a miniature racquet hardly constitutes as an exercise. Moreover, you simply look too glorious playing tennis.

We are constantly improving the features as well as the contents of Wilson Racquet. We only have one motive for creating this website and that is to help any tennis players and prospects to have a better understanding of this game. The makers of this website are all active tennis players and the owner of this website has been playing tennis since he was a kid. Our ultimate goal is to create the biggest online tennis community. We hope this will soon be the place for you to come with all of your tennis concerns. Thank you and we apologize if our website lacks anything that you are looking for. We are updating every day.

How to prevent injury when playing tennis

Doctor give specific advice in preventing injury as follows:

- When playing tennis right to choose, fit the size of the handle, the tension of the mesh under the guidance of experts in tennis;

- Choose shoes and socks specifically for tennis – select suitable shoes will avoid the risk of ankle sprains flip. Without special stockings, can take two socks to enhance the ankle;

- Note pitch – try to avoid playing on the pitch too hard, inelastic, such as cement, asphalt. To prevent the lumbar spine injury when playing on hard courts, use a very soft shoe pads to reduce shock to the spine;

- Do not play in the rain, or when the body is not healthy, because very easily lead to injury

In addition, be aware of the other factors such as:

- Warm up and start well before you play, because if the muscles in the cold state that it is very easy to play even injured. Spend 3-5 minutes to heat, such as turn-spot jump, run around the yard, perform stretching exercises tendons until sweating;

- Keep the handle dry (dry grip regularly, or rubbing powder to help prevent blistering hand);

- At the owl flew and hit the ball, the player should not twisting overkill, but should rigor knees, toes to help balance the body. On the other hand, right arm slightly bent, if flew in straight posture stiffened hands and wrists will make incremental force trauma to the neck and elbows;

- During the breaking ball to bend slightly bent arms and elbows, biceps tendon and shoulder joint force will split evenly, avoiding elbow injury;

- When the ball hits the ground bounce support should not create excessive force swirl batter;

- In some strong shots accomplished by rotating the shoulder screw, then swing your arms, do not put your thumb along the grip to gravity, will cause sprained thumb.

And in order to find the best tennis racquet for tennis elbow click here. Or may be you are a newbie in tennis playing. You should choose for yourself the best tennis racquet with this article will help you find the best tennis racquet.

Wholesale Blank Clothes for Winter Bundling

Wholesale Blank Clothes for Winter Bundling

Clothing blanks are an important tool for staying warm during the cold winter months. Buying blank clothing can be a great way to have extra clothing to layer with for the whole family. It is a lot more affordable then buying blank t shirts and hoodies at department stores. And in some stores, maybe baseball tees for women or baseball tees for men is also popular for youth.

Everyone knows that staying warm in the winter is all about bundling,  that is why having clothing blanks around is important. You can wear your more fashionable wares over layers of more affordable blanks that no one will see.

Chances are you are already employing this method of staying warm by putting clothing blanks under your favorite pieces of clothing. Why not save time and money buying blank clothing in bulk and having it for your entire family all winter.

Blank clothing is also great for winter activities like sledding and tubing. If you know you are about to engage in activities that are going to be damaging to clothing why not throw on some clothing blanks? Then if there is damage to the clothing blank you can get rid of it at little cost.

So stock up on blank clothing before winter’s chill really sets in. You will be very glad you did.

Best Wilson Impact Tennis Racquet

Best Wilson Impact Tennis Racquet

Best wilson tennis racquet

Best wilson tennis racquet

If you are an adult looking to break into tennis, it can be pretty frustrating to find a racket made for you. Most of the rackets for this niche are designed for players that are already experienced, and the rackets that are made for beginners are typically sized for junior players. Entry level rackets that are high quality are hard to come by and we were very happy to come across this one from Wilson.

There’s a reason that this is the number one selling entry level racket for adults in the United States. It’s one of the best we have actually used and it’s weighted perfectly for beginners. If you have not been using a racket that was designed for this purpose, it’s all too easy to get frustrated and quit your lessons, especially if the head of the racket is too small. It is so much easier to go with a racket that is designed to make it simple to get started, and Wilson has done a great job of appealing to this market.

We found that the tennis racquet was very well made and the balance was superb. It’s lightweight without feeling flimsy and unlike many low priced rackets, it was strung very tightly and very well. You won’t have to worry about dealing with a lousy racket if you can’t afford a nicer one since the Impact is budget priced, without being made of “budget” material.

We loved the fact that the frame was made of titanium alloy, since this can be a big factor when it comes to learning the “feel” of a racket. It’s just about right in terms of what you feel when you connect and the grip made it very easy to hold. Overall, even though we are not beginners, we found this racket to be ideal for any casual adult player, and it’s price point makes it very attractive to those that don’t play enough to justify an expensive one.

Specifications from the Manufacturer

* Frame: titanium alloy

* Strung weight: 10.7 oz

* Head size: 110 sq in

* Length: 27.5″

* Stringing: factory

* String pattern: 16 x 19

* Tension range: 50-60 lbs

* Grip: 4.25″

* Stiffness: 53

* Balance: head heavy 1 cm

We highly recommend this racket to beginners and feel that it will give them the support and functionality they need to get a good start in the game. Whether you play occasionally, or you are interested in getting serious about the game, this entry level racket from Wilson is the ideal choice. The tension range is just about perfect and the head size gives you plenty of room for error while still allowing you to connect solidly with the ball. One of our favorite all time rackets and that is not something that we say easily. It’s cheap enough you can easily buy one just to try it out and we recommend doing just that so you can see how it will affect your own game.

Get more best wilson tennis racquet here

Choosing Tennis racquet for newbie

Choosing Tennis racquet for newbie

For the beginner tennis player, one of the biggest concerns is how to choose a racquet that suits you from hundreds of different types of tennis racquets on the market. The information below will help you choose the racquet easier to own racquet that suits you best.Best tennis racquet for beginner

You note the following two points:

  1. Determine the type of swing:

There are three main types of swing:

1.speed slow swing, swing short-range: this is the swings of older people or those with weak stamina.

  1. the swing speed and short moderate swing: this is largely swings of amateur tennis players, young and middle-aged, have physical and medium speed for the purpose of entertainment.

3.The fast swing speed, swing wide range: this is the swings of professional tennis players or those who play tennis regularly at a high level. These players may well force and agility.

  1. The level of assistance:

After determining their swings, the next step is to select the type of tennis with the level of power assist suit your swings. The level of assistance is divided into 3 main categories consistent with the type of region 3 above.

High Power Level: Those with slower swing speeds and short-range region should use the racquet has a high level of synergy. The reason is slow and short-swing type generated very little power when exposed tennis ball: high racquets assistance will support a lot more power for this group of players, and players will not take much effort to put the ball enemy to the field. The downside of high synergy tennis team was able to control the ball very low, the player will lose a lot of control over the ball.

Average Power Level: This racquet is consistent with the group tennis players swing speed and swing moderate range, the player does not need too much assistance from the racquet that needs a balance between the ability to support power and ability to control the ball.

Low Power Level: This racquet is consistent with the group tennis players faster swing speed, wide-range region. Faster swing speed and swing wide range creates a lot of power when polished, so players do not need to add more or hypo assistance from the racquet. Due to the characteristics of less assistance, racquets creates the ability to control the ball very high, in accordance with professional players or play at a high level

In short tennis bigger booster not lose the strength to hit the ball to the opponent’s ability to control the ball, but the lower, whereas the racquet assistance at the physical demands very good to hit the ball but the ball feeling very good. You must be very careful when choosing the level of power assist suit yourself, if you play at a high level but many choose racquet assistance will not handle the ball perfectly, putting the ball exactly in the I want to point in the game. However, if you are not fit enough, at play or beginner tennis player but choose less assistance will often hit the ball out, or will be tired very quickly due to frequently use a lot of power to hit the ball.

Once you have selected is consistent with its tennis team, the final step is to consider other important features when choosing a tennis racquet as weight, head size, charge density, in order to choose the appropriate racquet the most.

Below are detailed instructions for each of the racquet features and characteristics that affect how the racquet.


  1. The racquet assistance.


Lightweight: From 225 to 270g

Large head size: From 105sq older

The density of said wire

To frame to

The racquet of this type is capable of great assistance. The players use racquets will not need to use the long ball and fast road swing.

  1. The mid-range racquet.


The average weight (from 270g to 310g)

Large head size (100 to 105 sq inches)

Depending on the density wire

To the average frame

The racquet medium (tweener racquets) This is perfect for players looking for a combination of both capability and capacity support control of the racquet. It was produced for the players swing speed and ball-phase medium and long cut.

  1. Tennis capable control easily- no power assist control (Control racquets)


Heavy weight (Over 310g)

Small head size (90 to 98sq inches)

Depending on the density wire

Thin frame

The racquet has the ability to control this highly suitable for those who play with the swing phase and the long ball. The racquet is almost no assistance to the speed of the ball depends on the health of the players (who play well).

However, using such heavy racquet players will find stability and ability to control the ball better.

Head size

Midsize: First a small net (93sq or smaller)

Midplus: Head Tennis average (9.5 to 105 sq inches)

Oversize: First big racquet (107 inches)

It is believed that the physical characteristics of the racquet has a large effect to the use of such racquets. To understand why the head size may influence the effectiveness of using tennis as Thus, we must consider the aerodynamics of the trampoline is stretched on a frame. This comparison illustrates easily by considering the difference between a large trampoline and a different standard to be used in smaller runs. If you jump on a small canvas, you will not gain altitude, if you jump to your canvas will be able to get high.

Why do you need to notice to this? It can be explained by rubber materials such as large size, it more bending and make the player jump higher. Aerodynamics same applies on the interaction between the tennis ball, racquet and strings, ignoring other aspects, head size becomes larger, the greater the bending wire and create a sense of good ball, the ability to support more force on frame. Basically, the racquet with a large head size can be compared directly with a standard trampoline, while the head size is small compared to the canvas used in running. You should read this article to find out more about best tennis racquet for beginners.


Standard length: 27 inches.

The length has been increased: 27.25 inches.

The length has been increased: 27.5 inches.

The length has been increased: in 27.5 inches

The other components of the design decisions of the length of tennis racquets. Racquets standard length or extra length, it has the advantage point and no advantage of it.

An easy way to describe the difference between the two is to compare the swing of it. When swung purpose, racquet length is increased, due to its ability to bend even more so when the ball contact will not take much force. Racquets standard length will easily control over the field while racquet is increased in length, then the more likely with the assistance and more. ( Find out about best tennis racquet for tennis elbow)


Super lightweight: 250g or less

Lightweight: from 255 to 270g

Average: from 270g to 295g on

Weight: 295g dispatch from over 310g

Very heavy (professional) on 310g or larger.

A very important feature is the weight of the racquet. Heavier racquet frame to create more stability and greater control, tennis racquet frame is lighter than synergy and greater ability to control. It is very important to use tennis racquet weight is chosen so that best suit to avoid damage to the hand.

This is also the reason why to consider very carefully because of all these factors, the weight of the racquet has a direct impact to feel how racquet than other factors.


Speaking to the balance of the racquet is said to weight distribution on the racquet that it has a direct impact to efficiency racquet. For example, the racquet head slightly as it increasingly easy to control, but it is not stable with players hitting hard and takes a lot of force to make the road stability ball speed than the racquet with severe head.

Conversely, a heavier racquet head, though without much flexibility, but it gives the racquet stability, the ability to support high power and spin. Unlike the other elements in the design of the racquet, we can easily find, good players will play head light plants and trees head heavy for beginner players.


Density wire mau: 18 x 20

Wireless medium density: 16 x 19

Wire sparse density: 16 x 18

When talking about the density of the racquet strings, we often talk about the number of horizontal wires and vertical wires.

Conversely, a heavier racquet head, though without much flexibility, but it gives the racquet stability, the ability to support high power and spin. Unlike the other elements in the design of the racquet, we can easily find, good players will play head light plants and trees head heavy for beginner players.


Density wire mau: 18 x 20

Wireless medium density: 16 x 19

Wire sparse density: 16 x 18

When talking about the density of the racquet strings, we often talk about the number of horizontal wires and vertical wires.

A racquet with thick wire density (more than wire) often generate better control, while racquet strings have less density (sparse wire) for its ability to support more.

We consider a general way – the ball on the racquet exposed wiring density is sparse (less wire) wires will be prone to bending and induced effects such as a spring on the frame, the ball will bounce off cord quickly.

When the ball on the racquet exposed wiring density quickly, this type of wiring should be less prone to bending over the ball on the racquet longer, so players will have time to control the ball better. Some other effects of density is the ability to wire vortex of tennis. When racquet strings no hurry density (ie sparse wire), it will grip the ball better and create more spin. Conversely wire density faster than less grip ball and the ball goes deeper.

If you want to find out about best tennis racquet for beginners, best

Find some nice combat boots

Find some nice combat boots

In this article we will discuss about some other sports, in my option, that is how to find some best combat boots.

The shoe giant has “Just done itagain. They have produced the ultimate combat boot, using varying degrees of kevlar, foam and puncture resistant leather to create a super-fast drying combat boot thats safe, comfortable and practical.

The military get the most powerful and hardy items of clothing that anyone in the world can dream of, and it’s fair to say that they deserve as much. Nonetheless, when it comes to style, theirs is not the most enviable position. With these new Kevlar-equipped Free Sole Military Boots from Nike, we have our opportunity of trying out the military’s way without giving up on style.

nice combat boots

nice combat boots

With a “Sticky Rubber and Natural Motion Cushioning equipped free sole, puncture and laceration resistant thermoplastic forefoot shield and genuine leather with Kevlar Shield the description of this pair already has the air of a complicated military manual. But we’re glad to say that the boots live up to the hype, and deliver on their promise with style and strength.

You can search some best combat boots fashion or cheap combat boots for men and women here.

If you’re looking for that touch of power that is associated with the military in your choice of footwear, or if you simply want to own the hardiest boots that are available for civilians, there is the choice: Nike SFB Kevlar-Equipped Free Sole Military Boot will more than satisfy your expectations

How to choose the best tennis racquet

How to choose the best tennis racquet

Having the perfect tennis racquet is going to be the key in your game. You do not have to have the most expensive racquet, but you do need to have one that fits your body and the way you play the best. You need to make sure that you figure out what it is that you need in your racquet before you go and buy the first one that you see.

how to choose the best tennis racquet

how to choose the best tennis racquet

Buy Tennis Racquet

A tennis racquet is usually made from aluminum or steel. You may also find ones that are made from other materials like plastic. It will depend on the kind and style that you want for yourself when you go shopping for the perfect racquet for your game. You should shop around and test many of the racquets before you decide on a certain one.

There is usually netting at the top of the racquet to hit the ball with. You will find that most tennis racquets are durable and can take a beating. They are lightweight so that you can move it around easily. If you are new to the game of tennis, you will soon learn to move the racquet in all the directions that you need to in order to hit the ball and get the game won.

A tennis racquet is used to hit the ball back and forth in the game of tennis. You will use this to hit the ball before the ball goes out of your designated space. You will find that the more you use your tennis racquet, the better your game will be. It is not that hard to figure out the game of tennis, all you need to do is have little patience and some time to learn the game.

There are many best tennis racquets that you can get for as little as twenty dollars or so. You will find that if you want to get a really good one, you will only have to pay approximately fifty dollars for the racquet. These racquets will be made of aluminum. They will have the medium wide profile and a mid to medium oversized head. You can go to many department or sporting good stores to find the racquet that would be perfect for your game.


There are many sporting goods stores that will be able to sell these tennis racquets for a really cheap price. You can get the racquet that you need in most local stores or online. Once you learn how to play tennis, you will find that you can lose weight and have a great time at the same time. Once you get motivated, you will want to play tennis more and more as time goes on.

More soure:



2009 world tour finals blog

2009 world tour finals blog

The particular Barclays ATP World Travel Finals is one of the most exciting golf tournaments on the calendar, which usually invites the world’s leading eight men’s singles participants and doubles teams to visit head-to-head in this end regarding year competition in front of 300, 000 spectators over the course of the particular tournament.

Originally known as The particular Masters Grand Prix event, this year-end showpiece function between the best players around the men’s tour began in the 1970s and has been a period highlight ever since. In 2009 the particular International Tennis Federation made a decision to rename the Masters for the ATP World Tour Ultime and chose to stage the particular finals at the magnificent fresh O2 Arena in London.

Hospitalityfinder welcomed a host of clients to savor a fantastic day of delightful food, complimentary drinks and also exhilarating tennis. The ATP World Tour Finals is actually a truly unique hospitality experience, supplying guests with unrivalled corporate and business entertainment at one of the biggest activities on the UK tennis appointments.

Throughout the World Tour Finals friends have the option of two distinct tennis sessions on each day time of the tournament, each using a doubles and a singles fit. The afternoon session observed guests arrive at the T-MOBILE VIP entrance in the late morning hours for a champagne reception inside the beautifully furnished hospitality bedrooms within the arena.

British most liked Andy Murray was in great form ahead of the finals possessing beaten Roger Federer, Innocents Simon and Andy A-rod in the previous year’s competition and also was set for a very charged rematch with the four-time Swiss champion again just last year.

Having enjoyed a sumptuous lunch, guests could take up their particular executive seats courtside in this highly anticipated rematch in between these two fabulous tennis superstars.

After a tense but fascinating match Federer eventually overcome Murray, however both participants were already out of the running towards claim a place in the ultimate.

Guests in our hospitality bins at the O2 could like a panoramic view of the actions on court from the comfort and also intimacy of their private selection whilst enjoying the free of charge bar and superb food throughout the day.

The World Tour Ultimate saw a capacity crowd on the O2 arena as enthusiastic guest soaked up the feverish atmosphere ahead of the long looked forward to final between Nikolay Davydenko and Juan Martín delle condizioni Potro.

Having enjoyed the 1st class hospitality beforehand, friends were treated to a gorgeous display of tennis coming from both players as they struggled it out to be crowned this year’s World Tour Finals winner.

The atmosphere was electric powered as spectacular lobs, volleys and passing shots ended uphad been hit from all over the the courtroom. The Russian Davydenko ultimately came out on top of what was an exilerating match and a great ad for the sport of golf.

Delighted spectators cheered the two players and congratulated the newest champion as he brought up the Barclays ATP Planet Tour Finals Trophy, departing guests with an overwhelming perception of enjoyment following an amazing tennis match and a amazing day of corporate food at the O2 courtesy of Hospitalityfinder.

Why not join us this specific autumn and enjoy a superb food day at the London T-MOBILE Arena for the ATP Planet Tour Finals, where the race fans come from far and wide to watch one of the finest tennis activities in the world.

October 2008

October 2008
October 29th, 2008World #1 Rafael Nadal and Juan Monaco defeated Mark and Mahesh 6-4, 6-2 in the 2nd round of the BNP Paris Masters. It was a tough match and Monaco/Nadal did well on their service games. Mark will now head back home for a few days of rest, and then will fly to Shanghai to prepare for the Masters Cup.
October 26th, 2008Give it up for Mr. Knowles. He earned his 50th career title today, joining elite company, as he and Mahesh put away Kas/Kohlschreiber 6-3, 6-3 to win the titel in Basel! The victory marks the 3rd on the season for Mark and Mahesh. The two did well capitalizing on break points, winning 3/4 of them, while only facing one on their serve, which they didn’t drop.

They’ll move on to play the Paris Masters, the last event before the year end Masters Cup. A tricky 2nd round match looms, as they will either play the wildcard tandem of Mahut/Mathieu, or Monaco/Nadal. To see the full draw, click

October 25th, 2008Another solid win in Basel put Mark and Mahesh into another final, as they defeated Acasuso/Calleri 7-5, 6-2. After an up and down first set, the boys managed to squeak out with a late break. They worked out any kinks they may have had in the 2nd set, breaking to go up 4-2, and then again to close out the match. It’s the 2nd straight year Mark has made the final, so let’s hope this year equates to a title. Who they will face in the final will be determined later today.

October 24th, 2008

Mark and Mahesh fought back to win a three set match against Kerr/Nieminen in the quarterfinals of Basel, winning 5-7, 6-3, 10-5. After dropping a close first set, Mark and Mahesh came back and controlled the duration of the match. They’ll play Acasuso/Calleri in the semifinals. It’s worth noting that Mark and Mahesh are the only seeded team to advance to the semifinal stage of the tournament.
October 23rd, 2008

A quick, easy match was what exactly Mark and Mahesh needed in the 1st round of Basel. After coming off a final in Madrid, and a four day break, the two came out on fire today against Granollers/Lopez, breezing past the Spanish pairing 6-4, 6-1. The match lasted just 52 minutes and Mark and Mahesh returned extremely well, especially in the 2nd set, as they won 52% of the return points and earned two breaks of service. The opponents in the quarterfinals will be Kerr/Nieminen and that will be played tomorrow.
October 19th, 2008

The run to the Madrid final ended in slight disappointment, as Mark and Mahesh were unable to finish off a strong week with the title. Fyrstenberg/Matkowski were on fire throughout the entire match and earned the victory, which was their first Masters Series title. They took the match 6-4, 6-2 and really pressured Mark and Mahesh on serve. Still, it was a great week for Mark and Mahesh and the run to the final clinched a spot for the year end Masters Cup, so congratulations to Mark and Mahesh on that achievement! The result also saw Mahesh’s ranking vault to #7.

Mark and Mahesh turn to Basel, Switzerland now, where they are the #2 seeded team. They face Granollers/Lopez in the first round.
October 18th, 2008

Back into another final! Mark and Mahesh have reached their 3rd Masters Series Final of the year, with an impressive win over Bjorkman/Ullyett. The two won 6-2, 6-4 and were the far better team throughout the match. Mark and Mahesh won 10 of the first 12 games, before Bjorkman/Ullyett finally managed to get into a little rhythm. Our guys stayed strong though, and clawed back from 0-30 in the final game to win the match. They’ll square off against the Polish team of Fyrstenberg/Matkowski and look for their 3rd title of the year.
October 17th, 2008

Mark and Mahesh are into the semifinals of the Madrid Masters Series after a solid win over Aspelin/Knowle. They won 6-3, 7-5, and served an impressive 11 aces. Mark and Hesh also saved all five break points that they faced. They’ll face Bjorkman/Ullyett in the semifinals. The duo upset the #1 team, the Bryan Brothers in the quarterfinals.
October 15th, 2008

A walkover courtesy of Moya/Nadal has put Mark and Mahesh through to the quarterfinals of AMS Madrid. Nadal is nursing a sore upper thigh.
October 12th, 2008

The draw has been released in Madrid and Mark and Mahesh enjoy a first round bye as the number four seeds. However, their first match won’t be easy, no matter who survives the first round. They’ll face either world #1 in singles Rafael Nadal, who is partnering Carlos Moya, or American tandem and friends James Blake and Mardy Fish, who upset Mark and Mahesh earlier this year in Hamburg. It will be a tough task indeed, but the guys should feel confident coming off a semifinal performance in Vienna. The full draw can be viewed

October 11th, 2008The run in Vienna is over. Mirnyi/Ram came back from a set down to take a three setter against Mark and Mahesh in the semifinals. Mirnyi/Ram, a maiden pairing, improved their play drastically after losing the first set handily and went on to take the match in a closely contested champions tiebreaker. They won 2-6, 6-3, 10-8. Next up for Mark and Mahesh is the Madrid Masters.

October 10th, 2008

Mark and Mahesh defeated Damm/Vizner 7-6, 7-6 in the quarterfinals of Vienna. The scoreline indicates it was tight, but the difference was Mark and Mahesh did much better on 2nd serve points, and also returned well on their opponents 2nd serves. It was the 3rd time this season they defeated the Czech pairing. They’ll now face Mirnyi/Ram, a scratch pairing this week, for the chance to play for the title.
October 8th, 2008

Mark and Mahesh went hunting today and found themselves a Fish and a Parrott. They easily defeated the alternate pairing of Fisher/Parrott 6-1, 6-2 in the first round of Vienna. The match took just 52 minutes and Mark and Mahesh converted 4/6 break points, while saving all three that they faced.
October 4th, 2008

Mark recently spoke at Richland High School in Texas. You can read the full story

here.This week, he and Hesh are back in action in Vienna and

here is the draw. They face Gicquel/Wawrinka in the first round and are seeded second.


Mark Knowles Celebrity Tennis Invitational

The Mark Knowles Celebrity Tennis Invitational is a Charity Event hosted by Mark. It was first held in 2001. The event is held in December and is at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island at Nassau (New Providence), Bahamas. The purpose of the event is to raise money for various charities, such as The Sassoon Pediatric Heart Foundation, The Cancer Society, The Association of the Physically Disabled, The Childrens Emergency Hospital, The Boy Scouts of Bahamas, The Special Olympics and scholarships for promising junior tennis players.

2008 Event Information is now avaliable! The event will be held December 5-7 at the Atlantis Resort and Casino, Paradise Island. Please see below for more information about the event, sponsorship opportunities, and prior event photos.


Dear Tennis Supporter,

This is the 8th year that we are staging the Mark Knowles Celebrity Tennis Invitational. We have played host to some of the biggest names in the tennis world such as Andre Agassi, James Blake,  Bob & Mike Bryan, Jim Courier, Robby Ginepri, Tommy Haas, Todd Martin, Fred Stolle, Jennifer Capriati, Amanda Coetzer, Chandra Rubin, Renee Stubbs, Nicole Vaidisova and many others.

The proceeds of the Charity event have enabled us to donate over $300,000 to local children’s charities, including The Sassoon Pediatric Heart Foundation, The Cancer Society, The Association of the Physically Disabled, The Children’s Emergency Hostel, Boy Scouts of Bahamas, The Special Olympics and scholarships for promising junior tennis players. The tremendous response from the sponsors has played the major role in this success and we would like to invite you to join us for the 2008 event on 5th – 7th December. Once again, this event is dedicated to the memory of Gene Scott, a lifelong member of Lyford Cay, and a great friend of Bahamian tennis.

The Celebrity Exhibition will be at the Atlantis Resort & Casino on Paradise Island on Friday afternoon and will offer you, the sponsor, the opportunity to invite your colleagues and clients to sit back and watch the top pros in action.

The Pro/Am doubles event will take place on Saturday and will afford the amateur players the opportunity of playing with the various tennis professionals in a round robin format. There will be a maximum of 14 playing places available for the Platinum Sponsors ($10,000). A Cocktail Reception and Calcutta Auction will take place on Friday night where interested parties will bid on the amateur and professional players to “own” them and therefore participate in a percentage of the prize money.

We take this opportunity of enclosing herewith a sponsorship proposal with a reply form and invite you to support this prestigious event.

Warm Regards,

Mark                                  Vicky

Mark Knowles                  Vicky Knowles

Event Chairman            Event Director


  1. O. Box CB-11911, Nassau, Bahamas

Tel/Fax : (242) 324-8176 ~ E-mail : vickyk@batelnet.bs

Sponsorship Packages


Advertising in international media (Tennis Week) & local media; inclusion in all press releases

Advertising banner / board at event

16 spectator tickets to Pro-Am & Celebrity Tennis Tournament (Friday, December 5, 3:30pm)

8 tickets to cocktail reception & banquet (Friday, December 5, 7:30pm)

2 invitations to a Gala Banquet (Saturday, December 6, 7:30pm)

1 complimentary room for 3 nights (December 4-6) at Royal Towers, Atlantis, Paradise Island

1 player entry to participate in the Pro-Am Tennis Tournament in doubles competition (change partners with top tennis professionals)


Advertising in international media (Tennis Week) & local media; inclusion in all press releases

Advertising banner / board at event

8 spectator tickets to Pro-Am & Celebrity Tennis Tournament (Friday, December 5, 3:30pm)

 4 tickets to cocktail reception & banquet (Friday, December 5, 7:30pm)


4 spectator tickets to Pro-Am & Celebrity Tennis Tournament

2 tickets to cocktail reception & banquet


These are all courtesy of Vicky Knowles and may not be reproduced w/o her permission. Please email the webmaster if you wish to ask for further information about these.

Event Atmosphere

Past Participants

Andre Agassi and James Blake 

Jim Courier                                                     Tommy Haas

   Junkanoo Band

Mark and Andre Agassi with a fan

Mark, Daniel Nestor, The Hon. Neville Wisdom (Bahamas Minister of Sports), Jim Courier, Vicky Knowles (Event Director), James Blake, John Farrington

Mark thanking the crowd